Greg Dyro’s has been working and creating images in the Photography Industry since 1982. Most recently as Director of the Still Photographic Lab at Warner Bros. Studios. Greg was instrumental in the transition from Analog to Digital Still Photography in Hollywood that took place in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Many of Greg’s work flow methods and systems are used by the Major Hollywood Studios both for capturing images and long term archiving. Greg was on the steering committee that helped to create Warner Bros. Media Asset and Retrieval System MARS still in use today. Greg has been a Photo educator and consultant for many Unit Still Photographers and Unit Publicists in the Entertainment Industry.


Greg is the Vice President of LADIG and an associate member of the SMPSP (Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers)





Greg is a working Fine Art Photographer and Photo Educator.

He was the Director of the Warner Bros. Photo Lab for 14 years and now lives in the foothills ofthe San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California.

Greg teaches classes in basic photography, Composition, Portrait Landscape and Still Life work. Including his signature FuN presentation WACKY HACKS cool DIY photo ideas from around the web.


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